Our slate of TV series and features reflect our passion for stories and talent from Bristol and the South-West.

Many of our writers and artists have been identified through our own production projects over the last 10 years and we have developed a range of compelling stories and IP that covers contemporary and 20th century drama, young adult fantasy, comedy and drama-documentary.

Our projects all tell stories that are rooted in the region where we live, or are stories from the outside, with a point of view or new voice that is rarely heard.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


On the hottest day of the year, Barbadian fruit pickers Nicole and Vincent endure exploitative conditions on a UK fruit farm. When the farm’s owner arrives, tensions reach boiling point.

A BFI Network commissioned drama. 

Written and directed by Corinne Walker (Clifford), produced by Sophie Freeman.

Rose of st pauls

An idealistic young woman, caught between the values of her Pentecostalist parents and the radicalism of her Rastafarian boyfriend, fights to make a difference in her community as an inner-city suburb of Bristol smoulders and explodes into riot in the spring of 1980.

 A BFI Network Early Development Fund feature project written by Edson Burton (Deacon, Anansi etc) and co-produced by Rob Mitchell (The Mayor’s Race).

Credit: Sean Hickin


In the 1960s and 1970s, as the car revolutionised our lives, huge road projects cleared housing and shops in inner cities across the country. In one suburb, somewhere in western England, a family holds out against the council and wrecking ball. Through their memories and lived experience we see their world changing and their values demolished, as their community and relationships are dismantled, piece by piece.

Based on the book Totterdown Rising by Kate Pollard 

Murdered with straight lines

Garth England was 70 when he started to draw pictures of his life, as a child in the family home, as an evacuee from South Bristol to Glastonbury, as a railway worker in the 1950s and then as a milkman delivering to suburban houses. An ordinary life, but one that he recreates with startling clarity and recall. His drawings using rulers and strict orthodoxy of expression, earned the rebuke from his art teacher that his pictures had been “murdered with straight lines”.